A volunteer from Cross Hands has been recognised for her leadership and dedication to a local scheme which supports people affected by cancer.

Trish Walker, Lead Volunteer for Macmillan’s Direct Volunteering Services buddy scheme in Carmarthenshire, has been honoured with the Richard Hambro Award for her contribution to the role over the past four years.

The award is presented to inspirational leaders who help encourage and motivate other volunteers, deliver a high impact for volunteering in their local community, and demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities.

As a leader for the buddy service, Trish works tirelessly to find and provide the right support that people in the area need.

The scheme matches volunteers with people living with cancer to help them with daily activities such as shopping, cleaning or simply having a cup of tea.

Trish, who received her award during Volunteer’s Week earlier this month, said: “I felt amazed, disbelieving, delighted, all of those things as you might expect.

“It is so rewarding helping to support our service users, who are at such a difficult time in their life. They’re worried, anxious, feeling ill, and they don’t know what the future holds for them.

“It’s very satisfying to be able to go and see them, with the name ‘Macmillan’ and to see how they trust you and welcome you to help them. I find that such a wonderful feeling.

“This award is for all members of our team, who are out there volunteering week in, week out, supporting people who really need it.”

Zoe Thomas, Macmillan Volunteering Coordinator for South Wales, who nominated Trish for the award, added: “Trish has helped the buddy service to become the successful and robust scheme it is today through her leadership style, which while solid and reassuring, is carried out in a calm and kind manner.

“Trish will take time to get to know the needs of our service users, and with the contacts and knowledge she has built up over the years, will put all that info to good use to ensure that the correct support is put in place.

“Her boundless enthusiasm and energy to 'do a good job' and help as many people as she can, is an inspiration to all who work with her.

She most definitely leads by example.”