The first baby born on the NHS is turning 70 this week alongside the healthcare system itself.

Aneira Thomas, from Loughor, was born at Amman Valley Hospital on July 5 1948.

The retired nurse was named after the Welsh politician Aneurin Bevin, the chief architect of the National Health Service which came into being at midnight on Monday, July 5 1948. One minute later, baby Aneria was born.

Aneira grew up in Cefneithin with her parents, four sisters and two brothers.

Both her mother, Edna, and father, Will, spent time working in hospitals and her four sisters were nurses.

Her link to the NHS has continued throughout her life, working as she did for 28 years as a mental health nurse.

Aneria told The Guardian: “The NHS was set up to maintain life.

"I never knew any of my grandparents because they died between the ages of 30 and 50. But my mother lived until she was 95, which she put down to the NHS.

“I am the youngest of seven children but was the first to be born in hospital, and it didn’t cost my parents a penny.

“When my six older siblings were born at home, my mum and my dad, Willie, had to pay a midwife one and six to come and deliver the baby.”

Aneria was picked as a guest of honour at the first ever Care and Cake Garden Party celebrating the nation’s nurses at Highbury Hall, Birmingham on Friday, June 22.

Highbury Hall also has a link to nursing as it was used in WW1 as a hospital and home for disabled soldiers.

The nursing staff were a mixture of professional nurses and voluntary aid detachments.

The party was thrown by Cavell Nurses’ Trust, the charity that supports UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship often due to illness, disability, older age and domestic abuse.

John Orchard, Chief Executive for Cavell Nurses’ Trust, said: “We were delighted to host the inaugural Care and Cake Garden Party in Birmingham and especially welcoming Aneira Thomas.

“We were proud to have been able to support Aneira last year when she contacted us for help.

“It’s wonderful that she turns 70 at the same time as the NHS and that she has dedicated so much of her life to nursing.”

Aneira added: “I can’t thank Cavell Nurses’ Trust enough for supporting me and my family.

“It’s incredible that such a charity exists to help nursing professionals when they are struggling.

“I am proud to be celebrating my 70th at the same time as the NHS, an amazing institution run by amazing people.”