Members of Pontardulais Town Band are enjoying the benefits of new LED lighting after receiving a £2,000 grant from E.ON’s Energising Communities Fund.

The old fluorescent tube lighting in the band room’s main rehearsal space, music library, kitchen and storage areas has been replaced with more energy efficient LED lights which has improved the quality of lighting for the band members, as well as for all visitors to the band room, which is used for fundraising and social events.

The band, which was founded in the late 19th century, now has around 60 playing members and regularly performs at local events and across the UK, including in national competitions.

Its members and supporters have a wide spread of ages and the band room is used throughout the week for rehearsing by the senior, junior and beginner bands and the adult learners group.

Vice Chairperson Jayne Kinnear, who joined Pontardulais Town Band in 1995 as a horn player, said: “We’re noticing the difference in terms of better visibility now, the new lighting is clearer and sharper so we can read the music better and there should be fewer wrong notes.

"The LED lights can also withstand greater vibration, are less prone to breaking and not so fiddly to replace.

“Longer term too, we hope to see our running costs drop as our energy bills fall as a result of the more efficient lighting and the better lifespan of LED lights compared to the old fluorescent tubes. The lighting we’ve replaced was more than 20 years old, and made up the greatest proportion of our spend on energy.”

Suzanne Roe, E.ON’s Corporate Responsibility and Community Relations Manager, added: “Upgrading to more efficient lighting can offer worthwhile savings on energy use and therefore help to lower bills, as well as improving visibility, which is important to the members of the Pontardulais Town Band.

“For community organisations like this, we’d always recommend looking at how you’re using your energy and whether there’s a straightforward way to boost efficiency and lower bills.

"Through our Energising Communities Fund we’re pleased to help support these kinds of projects, which can have a really positive impact.”