An Ammanford man has had the privilege of being reunited with his icon 61 years after they first met.

Six decades ago, former Radio 1 DJ Pete Murray OBE was invited by the committee of Ammanford United AFC to present prizes to the winners of the bathing beauty contest which took place at the club’s annual dance at the Regal Ballroom, Ammanford in June 1967.

Terry Morgan from Capel Hendre, who was just 14 at the time, got the chance to meet the TV star and got more then what he bargained for.

“I first met Pete Murray at The Regal Ballroom in Tirydail back in June 1957,” said Terry, who is now 75.

“After the show my step-father took him back to the Grand Hotel in High Street, Swansea opposite Swansea Train Station, and I went in the car with them.

“I was only then 14 years old. I can’t believe it was almost 61 years ago.”

Terry, who enjoys art, recently pencil sketched a picture of Pete from his younger days and sent it to him.

To his surprise, 92-year-old Pete got in contact with Terry to say how much he liked the drawing and he invited Terry and his wife Jean to visit him in his house near Wimbledon.

On May 17, Terry and Jean travelled to London and paid a visit to Pete, who is a former presenter of Six Five Special and also a regular on Top of the Pops.

After spending two hours discussing current music with Pete and re-enacting his famous catchphrase, the couple decided it was time to leave and were ready to catch the next bus.

“When we were ready to go Pete insisted on driving us back to Southfield Tube Station, he wouldn’t let us take the bus,” said Terry.

“He told us that he really liked our company and thanked me for the pencil sketch.

“He is a real nice gentleman. No airs and graces. Just a down the earth.

“I’ve met a lot of celebrities over the years, but he is the top of the pops.