Without the support of his beloved family, Nic Davies wouldn’t have achieved his weight loss goals “in a thousand years”, he said.

The FFIT Cymru leader has praised the support of his devoted wife Leah as the driving force behind his incredible 25lbs weight loss in just four weeks.

Now after scaling new heights with a terrifying abseil challenge this week, the Penygroes father is more determined than ever to hit his two stone weight loss goal ….

He said: “I was so so pleased to have hit my target again this week, I was tasked with losing 3lbs and I actually lost 3.5lbs which was brilliant.

“Overall I’ve now lost 25lbs, which is incredible and I’m really hoping to hit my two stone target soon.

“But none of this would have been possible without the support of my amazing family. When you are part of something like this, everyone gets involved and gets behind you, and they have been right there suffering with me at times.

“They have been incredibly supportive of me and my journey and I can’t thank them enough. My wife has been taking part in the diet and exercise too and she’s lost weight aswell, which proves that this really works.

“As I’ve gone into week three the focus isn’t really on the food for me anymore. For me the diet has been absolutely great and I actually like the meals, particularly the curries.

“With my role at Glangwili Hospital meaning I work long hours, it has been really helpful to be able to prepare larger portions for two days’ worth of meals which means I can still be healthy and I can be organised throughout the week too.

“The exercise is becoming more bearable as the weeks go on, but I realise that if I want to achieve my goals I have to keep pushing myself to get through it.

“As part of this week’s physical challenge we took part in an abseil in Llanberis, which I really enjoyed and I’d definitely do again!

“This week I’m aiming for a 3lbs weight loss which I really hope I can achieve to hit my two stone target. Despite losing so much weight, getting on the scales never gets any easier, simply because you don’t want to let anyone down after all these weeks.

“Fingers crossed for next week, watch this space!”

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