Juggling 12 hour shifts with healthy eating and exercise has been a challenge for FFIT Cymru leader Nic Davies this week.

The Penygroes resident admits it has been a “struggle” to maintain his new routine after returning to work at Glangwili Hospital, however he is determined to achieve his weight loss goal.

Here, Nic talks us through the highs and lows of week three.

“This week started with our regular weigh in, which was quite disappointing after the amazing loss the week before.

My target weight loss was 4lbs, which I achieved by losing 4.5lbs, but I was quite disappointed as this was dramatically different from my first week.

“But after speaking to the experts I soon realised that this was actually an achievement, and that it would be impossible to keep having really big losses every week.

“After speaking to them I was pleased to have met my target and I will now aim to do that every week.

“This week has also been a bit tough as I’ve returned to work, and working 12 hour shifts does feel quite difficult whilst also trying to juggle food preparation and exercise.

“But I guess if I want to achieve my goals these are the hurdles I have to overcome.

“Despite this I do feel as though the diet is going well! I'm sticking to it, and Leah and myself are really finding the food delicious.

“Apart from the regular shopping trips for fresh produce, which is a new thing for me, I’ve found that preparing the food is so easy, and I'm realising that you don't have to have meat with every meal.

“I'm also finding the exercise good and I’m trying to get up early to fit it in before work starts.

The regime is getting harder each week, but I'm feeling as if my fitness is improving by the week allowing me to keep up with the strength and cardio sessions.

“This week’s challenge was an assault course involving the whole team, which was also a problem solving exercise. It was really fun, and although it wasn't too physical it took a lot of mental agility to get the five of us to the end.

“I’ve worked really hard this week and I’m really hoping to achieve my 3lbs weight loss.”