A GRANT of almost £150,000 has been agreed by Carmarthenshire County Council to help convert an old Ammanford bank into new flats and office spaces.

The County Council awarded applicant Andrew Owen £145,236.

The money will help him develop Lloyds Bank, in Quay Street, into three residential flats and offices.

The grant, part of the Ammanford Regeneration Development Fund, was awarded to Mr Owen earlier this month at the Executive Board Member Decisions Meeting for the Leader on April 11.

The application to convert the former Quay Street bank into flats and office space was first submitted to Carmarthenshire County Council in September, last year.

When asked about their views when the plans were submitted, Ammanford Town Council said they had reservations about the proposals.

A spokesman for the town council said: “The members of Ammanford Town Council wish it to be noted that they had concerns in relation to a lack of parking for this development for the potential residents of the flats.”

Mr Owen is seeking support from the Ammanford Regeneration Development Fund.

The scheme provides financial assistance for the construction or refurbishment of buildings for commercial use with the aim of creating opportunities for employment and increasing vitality in Ammanford.

The funding is available to meet the financial gap between the construction costs and the completed market value of the property.

This project would take up almost half of the fund, which has a set budget of £300,000 according to Carmarthenshire County Council.