This week has seen the launch of an inspirational new S4C programme encouraging five people to overhaul their health and fitness in just eight weeks.

FFIT Cymru follows the participants as they receive expert advice from a personal trainer, dietitian and psychologist in a bid to overhaul their lifestyles and inspire thousands of others along the way.

Among the show’s leaders is 36-year-old Glangwili Hospital paediatric assistant practitioner Nic Davies.

Penygroes resident Nic, who signed up to set an example for his two sons, will be keeping us up-to-date on his epic fitness journey over the coming weeks.

This week Nic reveals his shock at jumping on the scales for the first time and how it has spurred him on to shed the pounds.

He said: “This week was my first weigh in, and it was much harder than I expected. I haven't really weighed myself in a long time, and to do it while showing my body to the nation left me feeling quite vulnerable.

“Seeing how much I weighed was a shock! I’ve probably been in denial for so long, but seeing the figures in black and white was shocking.

“However, one of the most upsetting aspects was when we underwent a test to work out what age we would be based on our fitness levels. This worked out that I have the fitness of a person aged 70 to 79 which really upset me.

“This was a real wake-up call that I’ve got to do something about it once and for all or I won’t be around to see my boys grow up!

“I am now a few days into my food and fitness plan, which viewers can find on the FFIT Cymru website if they want to join in.

“So far it has been fine, but it’s made me realise how big my food portions were. I am also making an effort to carry out the cardio and resistance exercises, in a bid to reach my 4lb weight loss target.

“One thing which has been a great support to me is that my wife Leah is also following the diet plan. She has been incredibly encouraging and now we are preparing meals together to ensure we can stick to the plan.

“So far I am really glad I signed up and I hope 2018 will be the year I change my life for the better.”