Safety measures have been put in place in Penygroes Park with the help of Llandybie Community Council.

Penygroes councillors have raised concerns during full council meetings about residents speeding when driving past through Penygroes Park.

During the discussion, councillors agreed that children’s safety is paramount, and members unanimously agreed to erect fencing and bollards to help secure children when they play in the park.

In the Pavilion café, Mrs Janet Edwards said the new safety measures are a brilliant idea and café users have also welcomed the new addition to the park.

Café manager Danielle Davies said: “The new railings stops children running across the park.

Sarah Risk added: “Cars will have to learn how to approach speed bumps.”

Community Councillor Sian Thomas said: ““I’m looking forward to seeing the signage to remind all users what is allowed and what is not, and that our children will now be able to play safer over the Easter holidays.”

County Councillor David Thomas added: ““Thank you very much to Llandybie Community Council for their prompt action after taking over the running of the park from Carmarthenshire County Council. This will increase safety for all park users.”