Ammanford's tenth annual Fairtrade Banana Split was by far the wettest yet but that didn't deter people attending and enjoying the 100 feet long feast under the shelter of the town's arcade.

This year the fun also spilled over into the piazza at the top of the arcade as the Unfair Funfair came to town.

2nd Ammanford Scouts showed their all-weather resilience by staffing the Unfair Funfair stalls, and they were kept busy by residents enjoying all the fun of the fair in the rain.

There was also an opportunity to learn about the unfairness of most trading systems and the need for more Fairtrade to help provide a fair deal for the people who make the products we buy.

The annual event is organised by Ammanford Fair Trade Town Group, led by volunteers from Ammanford Church and Gellimanwydd Chapel with the support of local businesses.

Bananas were donated by Fairtrade pioneers the Co-op and ice cream was kindly donated by local makers Frank's.

The bananas and ice cream is then laid into guttering provided by LBS.

Fair Trade Town Group member Phil Broadhurst said: "The Fairtrade Banana Split has definitely become a firm part of the town's calendar of events, and clearly people didn't want to miss it regardless of the weather.

"Despite, or perhaps because of, the rain, this year's event actually ended up being one of the liveliest and most enjoyable of them all.

"We'll be back next year, whatever the weather, and will carry on with our campaigns throughout the year.

"It was also great to see The Arcade's new Coal Town Coffee espresso bar serving up Fairtrade drinks alongside the Fairtrade Banana Split this year."

Jonathan Edwards MP, who attended the event, said: “One of my favourite sayings is ‘think globally but act locally’ and that is what Fair Trade embodies.

"It is based on local action to succeed in looking to address imbalances in globalisation.

"The system has to work for everyone, not just the elite and that’s why movements like this are so important.

"Ammanford was the first Fair Trade Town in Wales and it shows how quickly an idea can build."