It's not often you see more banana costumes than Welsh costumes in Ammanford Town Centre on St David's Day, but that was the case this year.

The town's Fairtrade campaigners continued with their day of awareness raising fun by getting people to dress up in Fairtrade banana costumes despite the annual St David's Day parade being postponed due to the cold weather.

Ammanford Fair Trade Town Group member Phil Broadhurst said: "It was sad to see the St David's Day event postponed as we were looking forward to joining in.

"We managed to lift spirits, make people smile and spread the word about Fairtrade by encouraging people to dress up as Fairtrade bananas instead."

The Fair Trade group also managed to keep the spirit of St David's Day alive by taking a special Welsh Dragon fairtrade football around.

Phil added: "Sadly Quay Street was not alive with the sound of children singing as there was no twmpath, no welsh costumes and no parade.

"But there was a Fairtrade football with the welsh dragon on, and there were Fairtrade supporters reminding people of St David's words expressing the importance of doing the little things to make a big difference.

"Buying fairtrade products when you're next shopping might seem like a little thing to do, but it can make a big difference to people in need around the world."

This Friday, March 9 will see many more Fairtrade bananas in Ammanford as College Street Arcade holds the tenth annual Giant Fairtrade Banana Split.

The 100 feet feast runs the whole length of the arcade.

This year will also see The Unfair Funfair in the Piazza at the end of the arcade - a traditional funfair where it's impossible to win.

The Fair is designed to make people think about the problems of being a poor producer in a world of unfair trading deals, and the need for all trade to be Fairtrade.