The coal industry has provided a constant backdrop to the Amman valley communities but the area has so much more to offer.

It is the latest destination for the Cynefin team on Sunday, 18 February.

The area lies in the shadow of the Black Mountain and is steeped in history and full of close-knit communities. Heledd Cynwal will visit the world-famous sock company, Corgi, established in the golden age of the coal industry and which continues to prosper today.

Lisa Wood, a fifth generation member of the family, says, "The company began back in 1892 with my great great grandfather selling socks from his horse and cart to the miners to be worn as their Sunday best socks. The socks have to be knitted, and although there are machines that can produce 500 pairs of socks a day, the luxury socks are still hand knitted on the old original Griswold machines that are mainly associated with Corgi. What's lovely is that many of the people who work for us are third or fourth generation employees, and in this area in particular people hear the name Corgi and immediately think of socks."

The Black Mountain is a prominent feature in the local landscape but few people know of the hidden paths and vast caves under the mountain. This is one of the best areas for caving in Britain and Iestyn Jones visits Ogof y Pasg. Its entrance was lost in the 1950s because of excavation work at the nearby quarry but it was rediscovered in the 1970s.

"Beneath the mountain are the Llygaid Llwchwr caves with magical names such as Gwynt yr Eira, Pwll Cwm Sych and Ogof dan yr Odyn. It's a privilege to be able to gaze at natural wonders formed as the limestone melted over many thousands of years, and what is amazing is that many caves remain undiscovered even today."

This is but a snaphot of what the Amman valley has to offer, so join Heledd, Siôn Tomos Owen and Iestyn as their journey through Welsh communities continues on Sunday evening, 18 February.

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