Work to improve the safety of Capel Hendre Square for both pedestrians and motorists will get underway within the next month it has been confirmed.

Local County Councillors, Carl Harris and Alun Davies have said a total of three pedestrian crossings, an intelligent traffic signals system, and increased measures to reduce the speed of vehicles will form the package of works aimed at improving the safety in the area.

The entire scheme is being driven by Carmarthenshire County Council which successfully obtained funding from the Welsh Government. The final scheme of works was reached following a public engagement exhibition at Capel Hendre Vestry last year and a number of follow-up visits by traffic engineers to discuss individual concerns with local residents.

The works, which will begin in February, include three pedestrian crossings on Saron Road, Waterloo Road and Hendre Road; A four-way intelligent traffic signals system which will respond to increases in traffic flow, adapting the green light timing in response to traffic volumes and allow the prompt movement of vehicles through the square; Extra accommodation works are planned to assist residents in entering and exiting their properties to ensure free flow of traffic and the installation of additional speed humps on Hendre Road and Waterloo Road to reduce the speed of traffic along the road.

Additional drainage will be installed and new road surfacing around the square will also form part of the scheme.

County Councillor Hazel Evans, the Council's Executive Board Member for transport matters said work would be carried out in one phase in order to minimise disruption.

Welcoming the confirmation that work will soon get underway, County Councillor Carl Harris said:"One of the main concerns residents raised with me during the council elections last year was the danger to both motorists and pedestrians at Capel Hendre square.

"It's been a long time coming but in a matter of weeks I hope we will have addressed those concerns.

"Of course there will soon be a testing time for residents whilst the works are underway.

"I hope the inevitable but short period of disruption will be worth it for a safe square in the end.

"I will be continuing to hold regular street surgeries across Capel Hendre throughout the period of works. But residents can get in touch with me any time if they have any questions in the meantime."

County Councillor Alun Davies said:"After years of campaigning for a solution to the square, I'm very pleased to reach the point that work is soon to get underway.

"We have some additional work ongoing to look specifically at the improving the walkway on one side of Hendre Road, but these technically challenging aspects regrettably can't be overcome in time for the wider project works, but we're cautious not to let the whole project be halted whilst this work continues.

"Transport officers and design engineers will be making final calls with a small group of residents over the coming days to discuss specific engineering works relating to their frontage. Once these happen the scheme will be signed off in its entirety and work will get started in earnest."

Carmarthenshire Council's Executive Board Member for Environment, Cllr Hazel Evans, whose department is driving forward the upgrades at Capel Hendre square added:"The first hurdle we overcame was to secure the funding to carry out the project.

"We put together a comprehensive and successful case for a scheme which benefits local residents and improves the safety of the square for everyone.

"I'm delighted we have been able to reach the point where work is ready to begin.

"I want to assure residents that all of the work is scheduled to be done in one phase in order to keep disruption to a minimum.

"I would like to place on record my thanks to the residents of Capel Hendre for engaging positively with us, and to the transport officers who have worked so hard to reach a safe solution for the square.

"I hope we will now deliver a scheme which a majority of residents can welcome."