Pupils and staff at a Gwendraeth Valley playschool are celebrating after receiving their recent inspection results.

A Estyn inspection took place at Cylch Meithrin Cefneithin Gorslas in November last year and inspectors awarded the school “excellent” in all three categories and “excellent” overall.

The school opened in 1968 and is a Welsh-medium setting that meet in a dedicated cabin in Cross Hands Leisure Park.

Cylch Meithrin Cefneithin Gorslas is open five mornings a week and is registered to admit 20 children between two and four years old.

The setting employs three full-time practitioners, including the leader, and a part-time practitioner.

The report states that “children make excellent progress from their starting points and acquire their literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology skills confidently across all areas of learning.”

The document highlights the level of teaching at the playschool and describes the practitioners as “highly-motivated and enthusiastic”.

The report states: “Practitioners have a very thorough understanding of the requirements of the foundation phase and provide education of a high standard.

“They ensure that all children develop as active learners by challenging them successfully to make progress and achieve exceptional standards in their work.

“They are firmly committed to their role of ensuring that all children develop as active learners who are challenged successfully to make progress and achieve exceptional standards in their work.”

The leadership at the school was also identified as developing children to be eloquent Welsh speakers who use their skills confidently and independently across the curriculum.

Leader Angharad Campbell, who has been in charge at the school for five years, told The Guardian: “We are delighted with the outcome of our Estyn inspection.

“I would like to thank everyone for all their hard work, and I am extremely proud of the members of staff at Cylch Meithrin Cefneithin Gorslas.

“The children are a credit to us all.”

To celebrate the excellent news, a theme of celebrations has been set for the term.

“We had a party on January 19 to celebrate our inspection report and we are going to be looking at different kinds of celebrations from across the world,” said Mrs Campbell.

“It’s our 50th anniversary as well so we have plenty to celebrate.”

Cylch Meithrin Cefneithin Gorslas, the only Clych Meithrin in Carmarthenshire, will now prepare a written case study describing the excellent practice that was seen during the inspection.