Skaters are in for a treat as plans for a skate park to open in Tumble are underway.

The proposed facility, which will be based at Tumble Park, is an ambitious project set up by a task force team run by Llannon Community Development Officer Christine Davies which aims to create a state of the art skate park that is similar to that seen in Haverfordwest.

As well as providing hours of fun for residents, there are also hopes that the new park will reduce the amount of Anti-social behaviour in the community.

Christine said: “The skate park project for Tumble Park is very exciting for our community.

“It is envisioned that people from all around Carmarthenshire will come to Tumble Park to visit this development.

“The response from local skaters has been substantial with over 250 members already engaged since the first meeting only a few weeks ago.”

A consultation evening for members of the community was held at Tumble Hall on November 24 which saw residents and skaters discuss what they’d like to see at the proposed skate park.

“There was a big turn out for the first consultation for the proposed new skate park,” added Christine.

“People of all ages attended and came prepared with ideas and opinions of what they would like to see developed at the proposed site.

“Cavas, a skate company from Bristol, attended the event and gave us advice and answered questions.

“As far as I am aware this will be the first skate park in Carmarthenshire.

“There currently isn’t much for children to do in the area and I think this project will bring a new lease of life to the village.

“As well as the skate park itself, no doubt there will be a need for businesses to open in the town such as skateboard repair shops which will obviously boost the local economy.”

A task force group for Tumble Skate Park project has been set up and you can contact members by joining the group’s Facebook page.

Anyone interested in joining the Skate Park Committee can attend the next meeting on the January 15 at 6.30pm in the Committee room at Tumble Hall.

“If you skate in any form and you want to give an input into which styles of ramp you want to see at the proposed skate park, then please make sure you attend the meeting” said Christine.

“If you have any ideas we would love to hear from you.”