Colleagues of an Ammanford development are set to take part in a march and rally following the announcement that Parc Amanwy is on the list to become surplus as part of a council’s plan to save £2.5 million.

Parc Amanwy is the home to many public services including NHS and council employees such as social workers, specialist nurses, district nurses, physiotherapists, business support, grants, tourism and leisure and occupational therapists.

UNISON Carmarthenshire County Brach has teamed up with the Labour party and local residents to host a march and rally on Saturday, December 2 at 12noon from Ammanford Town Hall.

A representative for UNISON Carmarthenshire County Branch said: “Once again our members have found out from the media that Plaid led Carmarthenshire County Council intends to close a building in Ammanford.

"UNISON along with the Labour party and local residents successful prevented Plaid led Carmarthenshire County Council form closing Ammanford Town Hall and the Old Library last month.

“We urge you to join the latest campaign along with employees to keep the building open.

“The proposed closure is being dressed up as agile working but it is only employees and the public that are expected to perform somersaults because Plaid and Independent councillors are not prepared to fight Tory cuts.

“Their lack of opposition means our members pay in jobs, worse terms and conditions and the public pay in cuts to services.

“Tory austerity is discredited and not working unless you are one of the rick one per cent.

“We can on councillors to side with the people that elected them and refuse to do the Tories dirty work for them.”

The Guardian revealed last month that the council has developed a plan to save up to £2.5 million by rationalising office space with new working practices seeing staff working ‘on the go’.

However, while Ammanford Town Hall and the Old Library building no longer faced closure, Parc Amanwy was identified as being likely to become surplus to requirements, alongside Nant-y-Ci and 5-8 Spilman Street in Carmarthen.

The proposals would see staff currently working in the identified buildings relocated - where possible within the same town to reduce any negative impact of footfall in town centres.

Cllr David Jenkins, executive board member for resources, said: “We are mindful of the impact any potential rationalisation of office space could have on towns who rely on trade and footfall generated by staff and customers of council buildings.

“This is why we asked officers to revise an earlier version of this report to develop a more prudent proposal that would have less impact in some areas, including Ammanford which has been the source of much speculation in recent weeks.