The brother of the Amman Valley’s bravest fundraiser who passed away last year has created a musical tribute.

Ryan Davies died at just 32 years of age last November.

The former Amman Valley comprehensive pupil was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in 2006, but rather than sit back and accept his illness, he battled the disease and set up the charity Ryan4Leukaemia in 2007.

His aim was to raise as much money as possible to help hospitals and leukaemia patients.

In the last 10 years, tens of thousands of pounds have been raised to improve facilities in hospitals and upgrade essential medical equipment, thanks to his efforts and that of his loyal supporters.

Ryan’s brother Nathan has been continuing the charity work and has taken the fundraising total over £50,000, which will be distributed to different local organisations.

Nathan 32, said: “I started to put words on paper soon after Ryan had passed away.

“My mother secretly went ahead and Wayne Doyle, the lead singer of V0iD, to record the song and produce it onto a CD.

“I went over my parents’ house around two weeks ago and my mum started playing it and I was very surprised.

“It was very surreal listening to my words on a CD, but it means such a lot to me.

“It tells the story from our childhood, moving towards Ryan’s illness, his death and then me keeping his memory alive.”

The song entitled Brothers in Arms is a heavy-hearted homage where melancholia, passion, pain, grief and eternal friendship come together.

The lyrics of the ballad include: “I watched you grow through my proud eyes” and “I want you to know you’ll never walk alone.”

“I’d like to thank Tim Hamill of Sonic One Studios who produced the song and made this happen and Wayne Doyle for singing the song,” added Nathan.

Music blog Turn Up The Volume has already made the single Track of the Day to Nathan’s delight.

Brothers in Arms is available to purchase for £5 by contacting the Ryan4Leukaemia Facebook page.