The Amman Valley community are continuing to make their voices heard in regard to the removal of the Ysgol Y Bedol school bus.

There has been strong response from residents with the petition ‘We would like a pay as you use bus service to get our children to and from school safely’ reaching over 330 signatures.

The online campaign has received some powerful comments regarding “children’s safety” and questioning “if children are being put before council’s savings and cuts.”

Ysgol y Bedol parent Emyr Rees, of Glynmoch, has been desperately trying to reach a solution by contacting the local authority, but has made no results.

Mr Rees said: “Numerous emails have been sent to our point of contact councillor David Jenkins and councillor Hazel Evans, executive board member for transport services, but they are now choosing to ignore us.

“Cllr Evans responded with dismissive attitude to our petition by saying the walking routes to school are safe and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children get to and from school.

“So in light of all this I would like to formally and publicly invite Cllr Jenkins, Cllr Evans and Operations Manager of the Passenger Transport Unit, Alwyn Davies, to walk with my partner Jess, Rosie my 22 -month-old and my son Jack on one of their days walking.

“Starting from Glynmoch up to Ysgol Y Bedol and then back to Glynmoch in the morning and then repeat it again in the afternoon.

“Cllr Emyr Jenkins has already accepted our invitation.

“I am sure if they could experience just one day, I believe that they would realise exactly what parents and children have to go through just to get to and from school every day, and would therefore make more of an effort to resolve this bus issue.

“Surely the children of our community deserve better.”

Executive board member for transport services, Cllr Hazel Evans, said: “It is important to stress that the county council cannot force a bus company to operate on a particular route.

“Regarding the route to school it has been assessed as safe according to Welsh Government criteria, however if you have concerns about any particular part we would be happy for officers to re-examine the route with you.

“Whilst we can understand your frustration, unfortunately the county council is not in a position to do anything more than this.

“We will continue to try to engage a bus operator for this route. The local ward member Cllr. David Jenkins has been actively pursuing this for some time, and the school will be writing to parents in the near future to gauge the level of support for a paid service."

South Wales Guardian has approached Glanaman county councillor David Jenkins for a comment.