A COMMUNITY has teamed up to support a local author whose wife has been diagnosed with stage four bowel and liver cancer.

Nathen Amin, originally from Tycroes, was married to Katherine a little over two years before they found out the life changing news.

The 37-year-old was diagnosed in March this year just as the couple had planned to start a family, but unfortunately after eight months of treatment, the couple are currently dealing with an incurable prognosis and Katherine is presently in palliative care.

As part of her latest chemotherapy treatment, the family are hoping to give Katherine a boost using a drug called Avastin, which is not currently provided by the NHS as it isn’t deemed cost effective.

Nathen, who now lives in York, said: “The drug has shown the potential to shrink tumours in some cases, whilst also prolonging life in others.

“The cost of this drug is £1,500 for a two-week cycle, with six sessions currently in progress.

“If the reaction is positive, we will be looking to prolong the treatment to hopefully give us more time together to beat this dreadful dream-crushing decease.”

To help Nathen and Katherine with the medical expenses and other financial hardships that cruelly occur during this illness, a group have organised a sponsored walk to take place on Sunday November 11.

The eight-mile walk will be from Carreg Cennen Castle to Tycroes Rugby Club where further fundraising initiatives are to take place such as raffles and an auction.

“Katherine and myself are absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of Tycroes, the community I grew up in, and everyone else from all sorts of places who are helping us through this horrendous time,” added Nathen.

“You never think it’ll happen to you, and when it does, few of us are prepared from the shock that hits, emotionally, physically and financially.

“We owe a lifetime of debt to the kindness of those supporting us at our lowest ebb.”

The community are hoping to raise £18,000 to provide Katherine with at least 12 sessions of the drug.

As well as the fundraising walk, a raffle will be drawn at Tycroes Church Hall on November 4 during the Autumn Fair.

A spokesperson for the community group said: “Katherine had to leave her teaching post due to her illness and the funds will go directly to assist and support Katherine and Nathen during this difficult time of their lives.”

There are various prizes to be won and winners will be notified.

Two fundraising pages have been set up by Katherine’s pupils and a close friend.

You can make a donation by visiting justgiving.com/crowdfunding/help-kate-kick-cancer.