It is reassuring to hear from Carmarthenshire County Council leader Emlyn Dole this week that Ammanford Town Hall and former library were never seriously under threat.

Cllr Dole takes issue with our use of the word u-turn in last week’s edition, but that is ultimately a moot point –a case of “I say po-tay-to, you say po-tah-to”.

All that really matters is that the town hall will remain as a working building in the heart of Ammanford.

That has always been the primary concern and now that we have Cllr Dole’s assurances it will remain, we are more than happy for him to call it whatever he wants.

Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed the first of Cllr Dole’s new monthly columns appearing on p10 of this week’s edition.

We are happy to afford him the opportunity to speak directly to readers and lay out his vision for the county moving forward.

It is a fair criticism often levelled at local newspapers that we focus predominantly on the bad news – however, that is not a deliberate drive towards negativity, but rather a reflection of the issues and concerns raised with us by readers.

Therefore, we can – we admit – be guilty of sometimes missing some of the good news.