An Amman Valley teenager who was badly bullied has overcome her struggles and been awarded with the Carmarthenshire Radio Child of Courage Award.

Harriet Alsop-Bingham, from Garnant, was targeted by a group of young people after starting in year seven in school.

They would constantly find anything to pick on her, laugh at her or gossip about her, the name calling and horrible behaviour grew worse and affected her deeply.

She felt like no one would understand her, she would always cry alone.

The difficult feelings, painful memories and overwhelming situations caused by the bullying led Harriet to self-harm.

Finally, at a youth club, Harriet found the strength and confidence to confide in youth workers and her family.

Since then, she has battled to get her life back on track, and received help and support to do so.

Now she shares her story with others to raise awareness of mental health issues, and to encourage anyone suffering as she did to seek help.

Harriet, 16, said: "I am absolutely delighted and so, so grateful to have been nominated for the 'child of courage' award and I'm over the moon that I have won.

“I hope that by winning the award it will raise awareness of how mental health issues can affect young people’s lives and that more support is needed. We need to get the message out there that 'It's a bad day not a bad life.

Harriet, who is a member of Carmarthenshire Youth Council, was nominated by Sarah Powell, Senior Participation and Children’s Rights Officer.

Sarah said: “Harriet has inspired and motivated her big sister to also campaign by attend meetings, conferences, sharing their stories and are also a fundamental part of the National Mental Health Group ran by Young Wales.

“They champion young people’s mental health issues and emphasise the importance of truly listening to their experience, highlighting the need to improve access to young people’s mental health services in Wales, and pass on the message that you are not alone.

“Harriet has shown to be one of the strongest young people I know and have had the privilege to work with, she has shown determination and such strength to change her life around. As she has grown older she has learned to remember that no matter what anybody else says she can do many things and nothing will stop her anymore.”