AN Ammanford man who had intended to commit suicide may have frightened himself to death before he was able to do so, an inquest in Llanelli heard.

Martin Paul Blenkinsop, 45, of Llys Iwan, had written a note revealing his intention to kill himself, but pathologist Dr Lesley Murray could find no evidence that he had done so, Carmarthenshire coroner John Owen was told.

The Llanelli hearing was told the only drug in Mr Blenkinsopp's system was therapeutic and one that had been prescribed by his doctor.

Mr Blenkinsop was found dead on the floor in February after a neighbour told police he had not been seen for a fortnight.

The court heard how a policeman and a policewoman who broke into his flat by climbing through a smashed glass panel found the body - clad in a black jumper and blue jeans - behind the living room door.

The officers also discovered a large amount of money in the room.

Mr Owen recorded an open verdict after Dr Murray reported she could not establish the cause of death.

"It may be the stress of thinking about suicide brought on an epileptic fit," she said.

Mr Owen said despite the note there was no evidence Mr Blenkinsop did kill himself.