Plaid Cymru hit back at Labour this week after the party accused the Carmarthenshire county council of cutting funding for a new Ammanford school.

Former leader Kevin Madge revealed that there was “huge doubt” over the future for the proposed Ammanford “super school”.

He said £2 million had been taken from the project, but Plaid Cymru pointed to published information which showed an additional £7 million will be invested.

Councillor David Jenkins, who is responsible for the council’s budget, said Labour’s “embarrassing intervention” was “misleading at best or incompetent at worst.”

He said Labour had showed how it could not be trusted with taxpayers’ money.

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards also weighed in and said publicly available information showed the Ammanford schools project was set to receive around £7 million extra to what was originally planned.

Cllr Jenkins, executive board member for resources, said: “Kevin Madge said he needed Mystic Meg to give him a prediction. But you don’t need a crystal ball when some simple accountancy and a little research will show how the council has committed to spending an extra £7 million on a new school for Ammanford over and above what he set out as leader.

“£10 million will indeed be spent on the school by 2021/22 with a further estimated spend of £7 million in 2022/23. This takes the entire investment to around £19 million, almost double the figure Kevin Madge claims.

“At best Labour is deliberately trying to mislead and scaremonger residents ahead of the council elections. At worst this is gross incompetence where the party is unable to do some simple maths and research.

“Whichever of the two is the reason behind this embarrassing intervention, no Labour spin doctor can undo the fact that we simply cannot trust the Labour Party to be in charge of taxpayers’ money.”

Mr Edwards added: “Information published by the council, and easily accessible to Kevin Madge and Colin Evans who were once senior councillors in charge at county hall, shows that £19million is the estimated spend for the school, not the £10million they incorrectly claim.

“There is no doubt over this project. Indeed the council has already had agreement for the strategic case from the Welsh Government.

"This project will go ahead.

“Just like the Carregamman Road crossing, the former police station and magistrates court, the former VOSA testing station and Foundry Road houses, which have been left to rot after years of the Labour council doing very little, Plaid Cymru is rolling up its sleeves and getting things done for Ammanford.

“The Ammanford school investment is no different.”