An Ammanford woman has seen the video she created to raise awareness for a mental health disorder go viral.

Leanne Warr decided to create the video to highlight borderline personality disorder after watching a similar video raising awareness for bipolar.

The 27-year-old lives with the disorder, which effects people’s emotions causing sufferers to act impulsively and sometimes have suicidal thoughts. Since the video was uploaded to Facebook last Thursday, more than 17,000 people have now watched the emotional film.

Leanne said: “I can’t believe the video has gone viral. “My dream has been accomplished. “I created the video to educate and help people understand what borderline personality disorder is.

“The condition is found in one in 10 people and I think everyone needs to be made aware of the condition.

“In the video I watched about bipolar, the women used notes for people to read and I thought it was a brilliant way to spread the message and to raise awareness.”

The painter and decorator has received loads of messages of support about her film, which has now been watched as far away as Australia.

Leanne added: “I have been contacted by several people saying that they know someone who suffers with the condition and even someone from Australia has been in touch.

“Receiving all these messages of support has been touching and I am glad the message is getting out there.

“I have also been contacted by someone who knows an eight-year-old child who has borderline personality disorder, and I have been researching for information and help for her to understand. “I just want to say the video is about the message and not about me.

“People who have different illnesses shouldn’t be judged. “In the video I state that I believe I suffer with this illness due to the fact I was sexually abused when I was younger.

“I did this because I want victims to know that they are not alone and there is help and people to talk to.

“I am more than happy to speak to people.”

Leanne is also using her new-found online stardom to encourage people to donate to mental health charities including Mind, which can be found online by visiting mind.