Residents’ calls for a safe crossing point at Grenig Square in Glanaman are nothing new.

Villagers have been urging the local authority to install a crossing on Cwmaman Road for as long as most of us can remember.

It seems the council might at last be listening – after a fashion.

A questionnaire is available to residents wishing to back a Safer Routes to School scheme bid launched by the local authority to gain Welsh Government funding for the creation of pedestrian crossing.

It seems once again the safety of children comes down to money.

No doubt if Cardiff Bay stumps up the cash, Glanaman kids will have their crossing, the concern is what if it doesn’t?

No doubt there are hundreds of similar cases all across Wales with parents pleading for cash to keep their youngsters safe.

Anyone who travels along Cwmaman Road first thing in the morning knows just how congested and dangerous things can be – it really is only a matter of time before something truly awful happens.

And if and when it does, will it really be acceptable for those controlling the purse strings at County Hall to simply shrug their shoulders and say the cupboard was bare.

A crossing at Grenig Square has been an issue for a long, long time - parents should not have to wait for a suitable funding scheme to come along from Cardiff Bay before they can send their kids to school in the morning safe in the knowledge that they’ll be coming home for tea.