LOWRI Williams’ gift of life to a man she will never meet is deeply touching but underlines a far more important point.

Thousands of people die each year in the UK for want of a bone marrow donor, but so few people sign up.

Even amongst those that give blood regularly, the list of marrow donors is nowhere near enough.

Lowri’s case proves that the action of one individual can save a life – even if all that action involves is lying back for a few hours with a needle in your arm.

The fact the 24-year-old from Garnant was a one-in-27million match for the recipient of her gift proves just how vital ticking the box on the form can prove to be.

The vast majority of people who agree to be a donor will never, ever be called upon, but for those few that are the sense of achievement must be all but overwhelming.

Lowri said she was filly fit and back to normal with a day or so.

What he did was not normal however – she went out of her way to save the life of a complete stranger who she will never meet and whose name she will never know.

What greater gift could any of us possible give – or receive – this Christmas?