LETTERS from the editor's postbag, November 25, 2015.

Dog fouling clampdown

IT WAS good to see that Carmarthenshire County Council fined a women the other day for letting her dog foul on the street.

As a dog owner, I always carry bags to clean up because I know that is the one of the major responsibilities you have.

It’s disgusting to see how much mess there is in Ammanford.

You see it on paths, roads and grass and left outside of people’s homes. I was also shocked to read recently in the paper that people let their dogs mess on rugby pitches.

We all know that dog mess is disgusting and very dangerous but so many people still let it happen.

What’s wrong with someone that who leaves dog mess for people to tread in or fall in when playing sports?

Most adults will know how

horrible it is cleaning it up off child’s pram or bike and your fears that it could cause health problems if touched.

It’s unacceptable and we all need to be watching out and acting on people who let it happen.

Don’t be afraid to report, it could be our only way to clean up our streets.

P G Evans



Diabetes help's on hand

THIS November is diabetes awareness month and I want to let your readers know about our brand new service to make it easier for people with diabetes in Carmarthenshire to become members of Diabetes UK.

They can also help fund the

vital work we do to support the 177,000 people living with diabetes across Wales.

The new service means that for the first time ever supporters can become members of Diabetes UK

via their mobile phone and receive access to vital information about how to live well with diabetes at their fingertips.

This includes tailored, up-to-date diabetes information that is specific to their diabetes type and also information for parents of children with Type 1 diabetes.

Members also receive access to the Diabetes UK publications app where they can view copies of Diabetes UK’s flagship magazine for people living with diabetes, Balance, and the charity’s latest support guides on their mobile phone.

To sign up to become a member simply go to the membership section of our website, www.diabetes.org.uk on your phone.

The service costs £3 per month and these donations are taken directly from your phone bill to fund essential services, and pioneering research, and help improve the lives of everyone affected by diabetes.

Dai Williams

National director of Diabetes UK Cymru


Fundraisers do us proud

I WOULD like to congratulate the children –- and adults -– in the community on their fundraising efforts for Children in Need.

It was lovely to see children in Ammanford raising money for a fantastic cause, and I also saw a number of local schools named on the BBC show itself on the Friday night.

The picture spread in last week’s South Wales Guardian proved that people in the Amman Valley are amazing when it comes to fundraising.

The money goes to such worthy causes in the UK and I for one am proud to see our very own town taking part in events such as this.

We are certainly not in the richest part of the UK and to see people putting their hands in their pocket and helping out other needy families is heart-warming.

What an achievement – everyone who donated should be very proud of themselves.

C Thomas



Christmas collections

THIS December CLIC Sargent is organising Nadolig Llawen De Cymru – a virtual calendar of fundraising events in celebration of the festive season. We would love your readers to join us and stand by the thousands of families coping with the devastating impact of a cancer diagnosis and its treatment this Christmas.

CLIC Sargent provides practical, emotional and financial support for children with a cancer diagnosis and our Nadolig Llawen De Cymru is a chance to celebrate with meaning, getting into the spirit of giving this Christmas. Raising vital funds to aid CLIC Sargent’s work supporting young cancer patients and their families.

We want as many businesses, schools, groups, individuals and organisations to celebrate Nadolig Llawen De Cymru with us, by organising their own fundraising activity.

No matter how big or small of an activity, every bit of fundraising will make a huge difference to the lives of children and young people with cancer.

So if any of your readers would like to hold their own Christmas event, whether it be a carol concert, Christmas coffee morning, festive quiz or crazy Christmas jumper day please contact Hannah on 0117 314 8630 or email hannah.worrall@clicsargent.org.uk.

Diolch yn fawr

Hannah Worrall

CLIC Sargent


Nightmare crossing

I VASTLY agree with everything that has been said about the dangers of the crossing near Wilko recently (Motorists still waiting on Wilko crossing plan –- Guardian, October 28).

I live in Carregamman and it is a nightmare there.

Who are people going to blame for this –- the Tory government?

They seem to get the blame for everything else.

K Kaltenbach