A SWANSEA Valley museum could have its funding cut should local authority proposals go ahead.

Secretary of Dulais Valley Friends of Cefn Coed Museum, Bryan King, has said if Neath Port Talbot county council decides to withdraw funding it "will result in the closure of the museum".

The council needs to make budget savings of £18million in 2016/17 and cuts to the museum's funding package is part of a package of proposals currently out for consultation.

Mr King said: "This news has outraged the Friends of Cefn Coed Museum, especially after we have put so much hard work and money into the colliery museum to keep it presentable for visitors.

"The Friends have organised special events to draw visitors into the museum also providing an educational service for schools."

Volunteers at the museum, based in Crynant, have recently helped restore an old colliery engine costing over £1,000.

"Over the last two years they have also spent £10,000 of grant money along with their own fundraising cash for the museum's model section.

"Over the past four years the Friends and the county council have received grants for projects of over a quarter of a million pounds, and there are many projects pending.

"We urge the public to support the Friends of the museum's ongoing commitment to keep the county's only historical site open."

A Neath Port Talbot spokesperson said: “The council is facing unprecedented financial pressures, and needs to make budget savings of £18m for 2016/17 and over £50m over the next four years.

"In light of this, elected members have agreed to progress consultation in relation to a number of savings’ proposals. No decisions have been taken and consultation will allow us to gather the views of the public and give citizens an opportunity to come up with alternative proposals.”