Why on earth do the BBC reckon it is news that Diwali has arrived? Would they think it is newsworthy that December 25 is Christmas Day? I think not.

It is like those people who write to right –wing newspapers thinking they are right when they start off “This is a Christian country….” It is not, of course. It is a country which practises religious toleration, which basically means you can believe any nonsense you like - except Scientology, which I believe is the only belief system proscribed.

And Mormons can believe in having four wives, as long as they do not try to marry more than one of them at a time.

You can believe in human sacrifice too, as long as you don’t starting carrying it out.

There are newsworthy things in religion. Remember the Moslem campaign to vary the hours of fasting in Britain, because the high latitudes left them hungry? And complaints about Sunday opening from devout Christians?

There are so many belief systems by now it is almost one each. The best are little more than an excuse for a good party. The worst say “I’m right, agree with everything I say.”

Diwali sounds a cracking knees up. I first became aware of it when Don Mosey reported on it from the 1980 England cricket tour.

Now most of these wonderful festivals are held on our doorsteps. I will go if they will put up with me.

And forget those racists who think it is so unusual as to be newsworthy. No more unusual than Easter, the Mari Llwyd or Padstow Hobby Hoss.