'It'll be a nightmare'

In response to Councillor Yvonne Evans’ comments (Plans for supermarket, October 14) about the new retail development in Arcade Terrace being good for the local economy and local residents being excited about it, I’m afraid she is very much mistaken.

Not only will it effect local business, but people will also lose their jobs as a result.

Another issue will be the huge hassle caused to local residents.

I live near the planned site and I and a great number of other local residents, do not want it to happen.

The road will be jammed at all times of the day, especially at school times and during rush hour.

The road cannot take the extra weight of traffic this outlet will cause. Not to mention the loud noise and bright lights from early morning to late at night causing disturbance.

Local residents will have their drives and homes blocked by users of the new store, which will cause a great deal of inconvenience.

Cllr Evans does not live near the site, so she will be unaffected, but for those of us who do. We are dreading what will happen should planning consent be given.

Name and address supplied


'A tax on worship'

In reference to the article on the front page of the Guardian (Councillor’s free parking calls to save our towns, October 7) I fully support Councillor Madge.

This is long overdue.

Sunday is very special to every Christian. It is the time for worship.

Charging for parking on this day is out of keeping with our Christian tradition.

Many of our members are elderly and they need their cars to come to church, but not all chapels have parking facilities.

On my opinion, charging for parking on a Sunday is a tax on worship.

I hope that the Plaid Cymru council will do away with this charge soon for all concerned.

Rev Maldwyn John



First Minister's plea

I am writing to ask readers of the South Wales Guardian to join me in nominating people they think should be recognised with a national St David Award.

The St David Awards, now in their third year, were established to recognise the great deeds and contributions made by people from all walks of life in Wales.

Day in, day out, groups of people and individuals are going the extra mile to make a difference to someone else’s life, overcoming adversity and achieving truly inspirational things.

I’m asking your readers to nominate these fantastic people, teams or groups who are going that extra mile to benefit others and the country in general.

There are nine categories: Bravery; Citizenship; Culture; Enterprise; Innovation and Technology; Sport; Young Person; International and my Special Award, which I choose.

We’re fast approaching the closure of nominations for this year’s Awards. Don’t leave it until the last minute to nominate, it would be a shame if the people you think are truly worthy of an award miss out on the recognition they deserve.

Get involved and let someone know you appreciate them and what they’ve achieved. Nominating is easy, just Go to stdavidawards.org.uk and put someone forward before midnight on the 27 October 27, 2015.

First Minister of Wales

Carwyn Jones


Celebrating creativity

I’d like to invite your readers to get involved with a Wales-wide arts festival for over 50s next May by applying for a Gwanwyn Community Grant.

The grants are available to groups or individuals who want to organise an arts event for over 50s during the Gwanwyn festival in May 2016.

These could be painting or photography classes; music, drama or storytelling workshops or art exhibitions – basically, any activities that get over 50s involved in art.

We’ll welcome applications from anyone who wants to get involved – choirs, care homes, community groups, art groups, writers’ groups – anyone who wants to celebrate creativity among over 50s with us in May.

The older people’s charity Age Cymru runs the Gwanwyn festival with support from Arts Council Wales and the Welsh Government.

For a Gwanwyn Community Grant application form and an information pack with details on how to apply please Visit www.gwanwyn.org.uk and click the ‘Funding’ tab.

You can also request a pack by calling Age Cymru on 029 2043 1555.

Emma Robinson

Gwanwyn Festival Co-ordinator

Age Cymru


An ode to the Aman

The Aman runs quietly through our little town,

Then joins with the Loughor a little way down.

A quiet old river, it whispers its way,

As it turns and it twists down our valley all day.

Whilst walking, we’ll see children swim there with ease,

Then play in the sun while they dry in the breeze.

And sometimes a poacher, so furtive and sly,

Catching a salmon as it struggles by.

But when the rain comes, like the waters from Zion,

The Aman will change, and it roars like a lion.

And the stones that stood proudly, just like a king’s crown,

Just vanish completely ‘neath the storm waters brown.

But after the rain and the storm leaves the town,

It’s once again peaceful as the Aman calms down.

And turns back to the Aman in which we rejoice,

So quiet her nature, so soothing her voice.

J Thomas