Whatever you think of the 21st century policies of Jeremy Corbyn no sane person can agree with the complaints about him not joining in the English national anthem at the Battle of Britain service.

It is called the Battle of Britain for good reason.

It was not the Battle of England or the Battle of London.

There was bombing at Southampton, Liverpool, Birmingham and Edinburgh, but the censors kept quiet about it, as if the bombers didn’t know where they had been.

Most important to us were the Bristol Aircraft Company and Westlands in Yeovil, where the bombers were chased by Spitfires and Hurricanes from RAF Pembrey and RAF Swansea.

It seems a long way, but is only a few minutes by air.

Robert Stanford Tuck, one of the greatest of British aces, flew out of Pembrey.

So why no Welsh national anthem or Flower of Scotland at the memorial service?

Churchill may have been nominally a Tory, but he was as out of step with the appeasers and surrender-monkeys leading his party as Corbyn has been.

Few Conservative grandees served in his war-time Government of All the Talents.

And God Save the Queen is hardly popular.

I remember as a boy being dragged into the mad scramble for the cinema exit before it was played and people were expected to stand to attention.

Maybe, like me, Jeremy Corbyn was banned from singing at school because he was so tuneless and put the real singers off.

Or perhaps he is just a modern-day John Redwood - he had a go, but the result was embarrassing.