Hospital staff pulled out all the stops

MY DAUGHTER died on December 2, 2014, aged 34 years, then my husband died on February 25, 2015.

My sister-in-law died on January 22, 2015, then my cousin died on January 25, 2015.

The day before my husband’s cremation at Llanelli Crematorium at 3pm, I had a fall, the ambulance was called and quickly arrived.

I was examined and was told I needed an operation on my shoulder (although I was told I had not only fractured my shoulder but my back as well).

When I explained that my husband’s funeral was at 3pm the next day the doctors pulled out all the stops and fixed my shoulder enough to be able to attend, but had to return in the evening to the hospital after the funeral.

The reason for this letter is to thank all the doctors, nurses and ambulance staff for their excellent care enabling me to say goodbye to my husband.

Gillian Davies, Capel Hendre


How will you celebrate grandparents’ day?

THIS Grandparents’ Day I want to shine a light on the immense contribution grandparents make supporting families today, especially those with a seriously ill child.

When a family is faced with having a child who is life threatened or terminally ill, every member of the family is placed under unimaginable pressure.

For grandparents, the grief and pressure is often twofold, as they watch their child in a crisis that they cannot fix, all the while feeling the pain of seeing their precious grandchild so unwell.

The strength, selflessness and courage these grandparents show every day makes them truly remarkable.

So my message to those grandparents is this: “You are amazing, and you deserve this day to celebrate the very special relationship with your grandchildren and recognise all that you have achieved in supporting your family through this time.

“You are not forgotten, your hard work and the emotional burden you tirelessly carry does not go unnoticed and I’d like to add my thanks to you all.”

To help Rainbow Trust support more grandparents with emotional and practical help, donate online at or call 01372 220086.

Anne Harris, Director of Care Rainbow Trust


Keep a welcome in the hillside for refugees

OVER the past week or so we have seen in the news the plight of Syrian refugees fleeing violence in their own country and seeking shelter in Europe – we have also seen how uncaring our own government is and how spin has been put on the whole issue by branding them unwanted “swarms” of economic migrants, we have also seen appeals from caring citizens asking people to petition their towns and communities to welcome these people and give them shelter.

Isn’t it time we in the Amman valley, again, as in the Second World War when we gave shelter to refugees – people less fortunate than us – offer a welcome to these poor people?

I know for a fact that there is a newly refurbished “bunkhouse” in Glanaman (the old scout headquarters) lying neglected and unused – wouldn’t these 28 beds be better served giving a secure resting place for these refugees give these people a place where they can feel safe and until they can stand on their own two feet again?

They may eventually even help our community become a better place.

People of the Amman Valley – approach the county council and ask them to do the right thing for once – let’s care for other people not just ourselves, give them the warm and caring welcome that we were renowned for in the past.

D Emyr Jenkins, Glanaman


Project to open digital world for everyone

I AM writing to let you know about a new opportunity coming to your area for people with sight or hearing loss.

RNIB Cymru and the Big Lottery Fund are helping people with sensory loss, whether it’s sight or hearing, to experience the world of technology – to touch, feel and experience the digital world.

We are showing how people can use digital technology to stay in touch with friends and family, to shop and bank online, and even keep a Facebook profile up to date.

Our “Online Today” project helps people who have little or no experience of using smartphones, laptops, e-readers like a Kindle, Android tablets and iPads to learn how being part of the digital world can help make life easier.

We have a selection of digital machines that people can have a go on.

We’ll be at the library, Vaughan Street, Llanelli, on Tuesday September 22, between 10am and 3pm.

Come along and see us, enjoy a cuppa, find out how getting online helps people to stay in touch, to grab a bargain in the online sales and even manage a bank account.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from our help then come along and see us.

Give us a call on 029 2082 8518 or e-mail us at OnlineTodayCymru@

It’s all free!

Chris Hoyle, Digital inclusion manager, Online Today, RNIB Cymru