These are the stories that were hitting the headlines in the South Wales Guardian on September 2, 1965

Metal thieves made off with copper and lead from the roof of the servants’ quarters at Taliaris Mansion while the lady of the house was out for the afternoon.

Surprisingly, none of the live-in domestic staff employed at the property saw a thing.

There was concern at Betws colliery following a second attempt to break in to the explosives safe.

“There are only so many reasons why someone would want to steal explosives,” said a colliery spokesman.

The great Black Mountain sheep rustling mystery was finally solved with fears of an organised band of animal thieves roaming the foothills at night finally put to bed.

Police discovered all the missing ewes alive and well locked away in a barn at the only farm not to have been targeted by the thieves.

A coroner said it would never been known what caused the death of a 73-year-old drinker found in a river during the early hours after a rainstorm.

“We know he was very drunk and that it was raining heavily when he left the pub to walk home along the riverbank and over the broken bridge, but how he ended up in the water 12-feet below with a fractured skull remains a complete mystery.”

Suspicion hung over Llandovery after the owner of a town garage said his business had been raided and the safe emptied.

The thief, it emerged, has used a duplicate key to enter the building and another to open the office door and a third to access the safe.