These are the stories that were hitting the headlines in the South Wales Guardian 50 years ago on July 29, 1965.


A CAPEL Hendre housewife was shocked to learn that her “unwell” lorry-driver husband had contracted typhoid.

Health chiefs remained tight-lipped out the cause of the infection, but the Guardian speculated that he must have picked up the disease while “on one his trips to those cities in the north of England”.


JUST a week after a fist-fight erupted between committee members of the Betws Recreational and Social Club over the installation of gambling machines, a gang of thieves broke in to the venue and stole the machines.

The one-armed bandit bandits made off with the brand-new machines, said to be worth almost £1,000, during an early morning raid on the club.


AN AMMANFORD peacemaker who tried to calm the warring parties in a fight which broke out at the Regal Ballroom was rushed to hospital after being knocked unconscious in the brawl.

Magistrates were told how the Good Samaritan had been struck on the head several times with a chair when trying to help one of those injured in the fight to his feet.


A GARNANT man was taken to hospital after his daredevil act in a police cell went badly wrong.

The 25-year-old had chosen to while away his time in custody by attempting to stand one-footed on top of the cell radiator only to crack his head on the floor after burning his foot.

“I don’t know how I lost my balance,” he said afterwards, “I’d only had six pints.”


A GWAUN cae Gurwen family’s holiday was cut short when a cow jumped onto the Mini they were driving, crushing the roof and leaving the car a write-off.

Mum, dad and the two children suffered only minor injuries. No mention was made of the health of the cow.