What to do now that summer is here? Emily Bush has a few ideas...

So finally the time of year everyone has been waiting for arrives. No more deadlines, no more stress, no more effort — just summer.

Yet suddenly all of those previously-made plans are forgotten and any invigorating idea slips to the back of your mind and you’re wondering how to spend all this precious free-time.

Yes of course you can do what you do every summer,: a barbeque and a picnic in the park are great but when it comes to bragging rights, it’s not really going to hack it. It just won’t be able to compete with the trip antiquing in Aspen or cave painting in Columbia.

So you need to do something; something exciting and invigorating, but what?

The thought of last-minute booking and endless queuing and not being able to return home to your own bed fills you with disappointment. Is this really how you wish to spend your hard sort after time? We all know the answer. So why bother? Why travel in a frantic attempt to please someone other than you?

However, you can have the best of both worlds: a serious of fascinating adventures that offer the potential for numerous brilliant anecdotes but without any of the hassle of travelling.

Wales is full of unusual and extraordinary things to do from mushroom hunting to mountain camping, all in your back garden.

This summer why not try something different from home, like:

Coasteering, a favourite with thrillseekers of any age. Spending a day jumping into the icy depths of Caswell Bay is surely something to tell the colleagues. Not only do you get to experience the beautiful scenery of the Gower peninsular from an unique angle there is also the chance to swim, jump and climb around the different cave systems of the area.

Maybe something a little more competitive is the way to go, in which case why not take part in our very own world championship of Bogsnorkelling? The event held in Llanwrtyd Wells starts at 10am on Sunday, August 30. Those wishing to participate must remember to register a week before proceeding but fancy dress planning is advised prior to this! Even for those who don’t wish to swim down the Waen Rhydd bog, there are many other things to do while enjoying the high spirits of the day such as enjoying the live music, real ale and cider and sampling a variety from the many food and drink stools.

Another underwater and underground activity to try has to be Dan yr Ogof national showcaves, a classic holiday activity. How many people can say they’ve stared in the face of the enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex in one of the world’s largest dinosaur parks? And what about what about experiencing an area of actual historical significance in the bone cave, called this for the 42 human skeletons found in the system of underground caverns?

For those looking for more of an outdoor activity, but possibly on slightly drier land, a camping session on the top of Cader idris is the way to go. Legends surround the area with many locals believing the area to be haunted. If you do last the night at the top many suspect those who descend south Snowdonia are either a poet or a madmen by morning. A daunting yet intriguing preposition for any would be adventurer wishing to scare themselves in the mysterious environment.

A more sedate adventure may be required for some, yet with a unique experience like a mushroom safari no matter how slowly the tale unfolds it is guaranteed to have endless anecdotal uses. Along the Glaslyn River from Beddgelert to Nantmor, Cynan Jones takes you on a journey into a wonderland of wild mushrooms and explains how to spot fungi like the chanterelles. The day also includes showstopping locally-sourced and seasonal meals, naturally containing mushrooms.

However what is stopping you from really going off the beaten track? Why not take inspiration from the previous tenant and become all hermit-like as you visit St Govan’s chapel in Pembrokeshire. A serenely isolated place of beauty that too offers its own individual legends. Rumour has it no matter how precisely you count the steps on the way down from the foot path you will never get the same going up.

So, this summer instead of aimlessly wandering round doing the same old thing day in and day out. Explore a little bit of your country and create an intriguing, mystifying and perhaps even exclusive story for yourself.