It is the first time in 60 years that I have ever heard the Queen say anything vaguely political.

That’s what makes her appeal in Germany for European unity so amazing.

It was widely thought she could not stand Margaret Thatcher, but that was because Thatcher — just like Nanny Harragan — tended to bully her views through.

But the Queen’s intervention is clearly, whether Eurosceptics like it or not, a message directly aimed at them.

Presumably, as in elections, the Queen had no vote in the 1975 Referendum, but some of her relatives would have done, and like me she will remember the result.

The Eurosceptics lost, and should come to terms with that instead of asking for a re-run on the spurious grounds that circumstances have changed. They have not.

Like many people I backed European unity to stop politicians arguing around man-made borders.

First it was “Let’s all hate the Poles”. Llanelli, apparently, was the biggest Polish-speaking town after Warsaw. Made no difference to me, except that people overheard in the street were speaking impenetrable Polish rather than half-understood Sospan Welsh.

Now we are supposed to despise people from the former Yugoslav countries, presumably on the grounds they might be vampires. Perhaps the Eurosceptics have mistaken Borat films for documentaries.

We should not forget the Sikhs have taken over a lot of our markets, and Bangladeshis have transformed our culinary landscape.

Even further back our jewellers started as an immigrant community, and all those Hugonauts transformed our clothing industry from Norfolk. If you are monied you might be from a Norman family, and perhaps met Irish-born Grandad Harragan, who drove the Harrods delivery van.