There can be few Guardian readers who own a computer that have not witnessed the shocking images of Paul Pugh being assaulted on Quay Street.

The CCTV footage of that dreadful assault is included in the video Paul released to launch the #PaulsPledge campaign highlighting the dangers of alcohol-related violence.

Had someone been watching those images live from Police HQ a tragedy could have been averted.

It is worth mentioning that the Police Commissioner and leading councillors were all present as the TV cameras from the BBC and ITV swelled Quay Street in December for the launch of Paul’s campaign.

Now however, the Commissioner feels live-monitoring of CCTV is of little use and has withdrawn funding despite coming in more than £4million under budget this year and while Dyfed-Powys Police is sitting on £43million in unspent reserves.

The County Council says it is unfair to expect the authority to make up the resultant black hole and has also turned off the cash.

Whoever you might want to blame, the decision to halt live monitoring is an absolute disgrace and is the cheapest, dirtiest kind of politics in the run up to an election.

It is a pity no one bothered to tell Paul the honest truth as they patted him on the back and grinned for the gogglebox cameras.


Massive congratulations to Tycroes’ very own Alex Jones on the announcement of her engagement to Charlie Thomson. We all hope they enjoy a long and happy marriage.