A language tutor from North Wales is taking Welsh to the world – via the world-wide web.

Language tutor and filmmaker, Llinos Griffin, is using the internet to provide one-on-one, face-to-face Welsh lessons to learners across the globe using Skype, the video-chat web application.

Through her company Gwefus, Llinos is already teaching students from as far as Australia

“With so many Welsh decedents living across the globe, there is an international demand for Welsh lessons from people who are embracing the language,” said Llinos.

“Students closer to home are also benefitting with students in England and other parts of Wales signing up to classes.

Having graduated in Welsh and French from Cardiff University in 2003, Llinos has taught languages in Wales, France, Argentina and Spain.

“I have a great passion for languages and my aim through Gwefus is to use that passion to teach others,” she said.

"Sometimes it’s hard to fit Welsh lessons into life, and It can be a chore to go out on a cold night.

“People have busy work schedules or sometimes live in an area where no Welsh lessons are available.

“Now, with the help of Skype, I’m thrilled to be able to offer lessons to anyone in the world at anytime.

“From busy office workers who want a session during lunch breaks to people on the other side of the world, I’m getting a really positive response.”

Lisa Barett, originally from the Rhondda but now living down under in Adelaide, decided to make Welsh lessons her priority in 2015.

“Since beginning lessons I cannot stop thinking in and about Welsh, and twice a week I have an experienced tutor in my front room.

“My nieces and nephews go to a Welsh language school– I can’t wait to speak to them yn Gymraeg.”

For more information about Welsh lessons and Gwefus visit gwefus.com or email gwefus.cymru@gmail.com.