Poor state of workshops

IS there no end to the county council’s short-sightedness?

I heard this week that the last occupant is to vacate the Glanaman Workshops at Penybont (the old Cyc Arc factory as a lot of us still call it). Why? Not from choice, no the county have decided to move him out.

He has been offered an alternative – miles away in Capel Hendre and at almost double the cost!

The reason is (apparently) the state of the old asbestos roof. But why has it got to this state?

These workshops were once a thriving area of local industry.

I know that even now there are local businessmen and craftsmen who would love to take on a unit, keep their business in the valley, cutting down the costs of travelling to a workshop miles away and in these days every penny saved is precious.

Cwmaman has had enough hard knocks the last few years, would it not be good to see the county help promote the small local businessman instead of treating everyone as a cash cow to milk as much as possible out of with parking charges killing off local shops and the convenient cry of ‘austerity’ every time someone complains?

My view is that the workshops have been purposely neglected – left to go to this state so that they have the excuse to close them, demolish them and then sell off the land as part of the county’s asset-stripping plan. Is there another explanation? Remember, this neglect started long before the swingeing cuts we are now being told about.

Most of the workshops structure is fairly new – built in the 1980s – it’s only the roof which is the problem. Could not the money be found (only loose change compared to some of the grandiose schemes we hear boasted about) to bring these workshops back and give local businessmen affordable local accommodation instead of forcing everything down to Capel Hendre and beyond – a nightmare to reach as they have to pass through the “Ammanford Bypass”. People of Cwmaman – act now before we lose another bit of local industry. But then again – it’s only Glanaman.

D Emyr Jenkins

Community Councillor, Glanaman


Support for dog rescue

HAVING read in a recent edition about the plans for Walkies Dog Rescue in Brynaman, I thought I would write in support of the plans.

Walkies provide an unequalled service in our community as they take in and re- home dogs that have had a terrible life.

The good people who run the place are loving and caring and run their business for little or no financial gain, their only concern is to provide a suitable home for the dogs that come their way. Having been a sponsor of two dogs with Walkies and also a volunteer (when time allows) I sincerely hope that they are granted permission for their plans for the future.

As a member of the local football, club Walkies have worked alongside me in eradicating dog mess from our playing fields by suggesting alternative venues for dog walks.

This is a huge problem in our area and we are eternally grateful for their help in this matter.

Eifion Rogers



Scarily-good song show

AMMAN Valley Mencap would like to thank everyone who came to the Phantom of the Opera concert held at the Amman Centre on October 4.

The evening was completely awesome and everyone who went along was treated to an evening of stunning performances from Peter Karrie, Elin Wyn Murphy and the children from Serennu.

The audience were captivated by the enchanting voices of all of the children who sung in both English and Welsh.

Peter entertained everyone with his anecdotes from his vast experience in show business and then with the support of the beautiful voice of Elin Wyn Murphy, the Amman Centre was filled with an eclectic mix of show songs that were truly inspirational.

The rendition of the Phantom of the Opera was met with a standing ovation and everyone was left wanting many more songs from both Peter and Elin.

Peter very kindly donated 30% of the evening’s takings to Amman Valley Mencap for which we are extremely grateful and the money will be used to continue the work of supporting adults with learning disabilities.

I am sure all who attended will join us in thanking Peter and Elin for making the evening truly unforgettable.

Amman Valley Mencap

8 College Street,



Clean-streets concern

I AM always out and about walking and I have noticed recently that the town streets are not as clean as they used to be. I have been told by a reliable source that the mechanical road sweeper has been broken for a good few weeks and that the council cannot afford to get it repaired owing to cut-backs.

If this is the case, Will we ever have the mechanical sweeper on our Streets again?

Ken Rainford

Pantyffynnon Road



Disappointing defence

READING his letter in last week’s Guardian, I was disappointed that Gerald Jones (a trustee of The Miners’ Theatre and Chair of Ammanford Arts Club) seems to think that it is more important to defend Michael Portillo and Margaret Thatcher, than it is to join in my call for our local communities to work together culturally and socially for a better future. I prefer to keep on a positive footing, by saying good luck to Gerald for his future Ammanford Arts Club events, and by sending massive congratulations to everybody involved in Gwyl y Twrch Trwyth. A brilliant community event. By the community, for the community. An inspiring example for us all to build on. Congratulations to South Wales Guardian, too, for getting fully behind the festival.

Phil Broadhurst

146 High Street