GROWING piles of leaves building up on pavements and in the gutters of Ammanford’s streets are an accident waiting to happen, according to disgruntled residents.

A mum-of-three from New Road said the problem outside her home was becoming so serious she feared someone would suffer a serious injury.

“It might not seem like much but these piles of wet leaves are becoming a real problem,” she said.

“They are really slippery and someone is going to get badly hurt.”

Ken Rainford, of 62 Panyffynnon Road, also expressed concern.

“I’ve been told the road sweeper has been broken for a good few weeks now,” he said.

A spokesman for Carmarthenshire County Council said: “The sweeper from the Glanaman depot is awaiting repair, however, arrangements are in place for one from the Trostre depot to be used in the meantime.”