AMMANFORD is set to come alive with medieval fun, games and laughter from September 25-27.

Partners including traders, the Chamber of Trade, Carmarthenshire County Council, and Ammanford Town Council have joined together to organise the three-day Gwyl y Twrch Trwyth Festival.

The town will step back in time for three days to help strengthen its future. Traders in costume from the Middle Ages will sell boar-themed produce while street entertainment will include historical re-enactments and a traditional craft market.

The town will draw inspiration from the medieval Twrch Trwyth legend of Culhwch and Olwen, the mystical Mabinogion tale set in the Amman Valley. Prince Tared (or Taredd Wledig), is cursed into the form of a wild creature; he has poisonous bristles, and carries a pair of scissors, a comb and a razor on his head, between his ears. King Arthur and his knights chase this Enchanted Boar from St Davids to Ammanford.

The Enchanted Boar will play a prominent part throughout the festival, with the Boar Story and Hunt, Boar products and food, Boar window displays and a re-enactment of the Twrch Trwyth legend.

The festival will be held in a number of locations throughout the town - Quay Street, Wind Street, the Arcade Piazza, and Ammanford Park - and will provide a mix of activities to entertain visitors.

The fun will include street entertainers Circusdayze, stocks and wet sponge throwing, a hair dressing competition, Wild Boar riding, a bouncy Camelot castle, circus skills, a birds of prey display by Pantglas World of Nature and a barbecue and boar roast.

The festival is in support of the Welsh Government’s High Street Week from September 20-27 organised as part of its Support Your High Street campaign.

Carmarthenshire County Council is supporting the Welsh Government initiative.

It is aimed at encouraging businesses and communities to support their local High Streets and rediscover the benefits of shopping locally.