Driving shoppers away

I WOULD like to say how disgusted I am with Carmarthenshire County Council at their lack of clear notice over the parking issues for disabled people.

I came to Ammanford one morning last week and parked in a bay opposite the pay and display sign.

I noticed something different on the board, but didn’t think anything of it at first.

I displayed my blue badge as normal but just as I was about to walk into town I decided to take a closer look at the sign.

To my dismay, it told me I now had to pay for parking.

If I hadn’t have parked near the sign, then I wouldn’t have even known about it – and I could have been booked.

So Carmarthenshire County Council are trying to get more shoppers into town, so why are they doing things like this that will deter us?

We’ll now be fighting for parking spots on the side streets.

The council are driving us out, when they should be encouraging us to shop in town.

K Llewelyn

Gwaun Cae Gurwen


Help needed with tins

HERE are Marie Curie, we are looking for volunteers all across the Amman Valley to help our charity to look after shops in your local area that have our charity tins and daffodil boxes on their counter tops.

Donations collected will need to be counted and banked at your local NatWest.

All monies raised will go directly to supporting the local Marie Curie Nursing Service.

You will be needed as and when donation tins are full, plus a twice a year visit to all sites.

If you can help please contact your local community fundraising team on: 01792 461 435 or Hannah.leckie@mariecurie.org.uk

Thank you

Hannah Leckie

Community Fundraiser

Marie Curie Cancer Care


Carnival was lovely

WHAT a lovely time I had last weekend at Gorslas carnival.

The weather was fantastic and it was lovely to see the whole community come together.

My grandchildren and I enjoyed watching the floats and seeing the big effort everyone made.

It was a joy to see people coming from all over to join in the fun.

Well done to everyone involved.

A Davies

Cross Hands


Backing 'Yes' campaign

In a few weeks’ time, THE people of Scotland will soon make a monumental decision about the future of their country.

The choice is stark: to play second-fiddle in a union run by out-of-touch politicians in London, or to join the world community on equal terms, run their own affairs, and have the ability in their own hands to create a better future for all the people of Scotland.

Many establishment voices have asked the people of Scotland to ‘stay,’ in the most unequal state in western Europe, in which the poorest and most vulnerable are squeezed by Westminster millionaires.

A few days before the referendum, we want to send a different message from the people of Wales: go for it Scotland!

Join us to celebrate Scotland’s future, outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay at 2pm on Saturday September 13. Everyone is welcome; we look forward to seeing many of you there.

Iestyn ap Rhobert



Don't come back, then

SADLY no longer a resident of Ammanford, I was still deeply upset to read the remarks made about Ammanford town and its residents, in the Observer's Sunday supplement magazine.

Journalist Will Storr should really keep his flippant comments to himself.

However, true to form, Ammanford town clerk Miriam Phillips defended Ammanford and all its residents. I must say her response was comforting to read.

Let’s hope Mr Storr never returns to such a wonderful and lovely town as Ammanford.

M Richards,



Praise for fundraisers

AS an avid reader of the Guardian, I’m delighted that there has been a number of fundraising stories in the paper recently. It is so comforting to know that there are so many lovely people out there giving up their spare time to raise for those less fortunate then themselves.

Keep up the good work people.

Mrs Jones,



Great publicity for us

SO, THE most powerful men and women in the world turned up on our doorstep last week.

It is great to see that our little country can host an event of world leaders and it is an issue of great pride that I am sure they have all gone back to their homes across the globe a little more aware of Wales as a nation than they were before they arrived.

With Scotland on the brink of becoming an independent nationIt is vital that we Welsh make the most of our history and our unique identity to make a place for ourselves in the global consciousness.

Go anywhere in the world and people instantly know the Scots and the Irish – but most think Wales is part of England,

Hopefully the Nato summit has put Wales on the world map and now at last we can begin to hold our heads up high when while holidaying in some foreign corner of the globe and someone asks where we are from we can tell them without having to explain that it isn’t close to London.

G Evans