A shadow has been cast over the future of the Glanaman community education after it emerged that the local authority was looking to offload the building.

Cwmaman town council has been contacted by Carmarthenshire county council and asked whether it would be interested in taking over the management of the building on High Street as the authority continues to explore further cost-cutting measures in the wake of the ongoing economic crisis.

Carmarthenshire county council leader and Cwmaman councillor Kevin Madge warned members that the authority faced cuts of up to £18million next year.

Cwmaman clerk David Davies told members: “Unfortunately, community education is a non-statutory service and therefore from a county council point of view it is a challenge to keep running.

“There are various costs involved, not least the expenses of keeping the building up to standard.

“In recent years the centre has not been promoted as much as it has in previous years.

“The level and number of classes currently using the centre is much lower than it has been in the past.

“We have received a letter asking whether in principal this council would be interested in taking over responsibility for the management of the building.

“The real problem in terms of a building of this nature is generating income. If you can get anywhere near to breaking even financially, then you are doing fantastically well.

“The idea of making a profit through education classes is in reality all but impossible.”

Mr Davies told fellow council’s that there was interest from community development group Menter Bro Dinefwr to explore using the building as a community hub.

Cllr David Jenkins warned fellow members that talking on the building would be likely to cost the town council thousands each year.

“Whatever way you look at it there would be a massive financial burden,” he said.

“There are plenty of town and community councils that own halls that cost them £20,000-a-year just to open the doors.

“The costs involved can be huge.”

Cllr Madge said: “This is the situation the county council now finds itself in, not only in terms of this building but many other public buildings.

“It you take £30million pounds out of the council budget – which may well be the case over the next three years – that is the reality.

“We are facing bigger and bigger cuts.

“We still do not know the size of cut we are facing this year – it could be £18million, it could be £12million, it could be £7million.

“We can all see the way this is going and I do not have the answers.

“During 35 years in politics I have never seen anything like it. I am pulling my hair out but this is just the first step on what will be a long journey.”

Mr Davies added: “Either next year or the year after there is going to be a massive issue with this building.

“The question will be whether the county council sells it as an asset to raise funds or whether there will be a future for it as a community building.”