THE community of Betws deserves a £200,000 lump sum to ‘compensate’ local residents for the upheaval they have suffered during the construction of the controversial Mynydd y Betws windfarm.

That is the uncompromising viewof Cllr Annette Price who suggested an ‘entente cordiale’ to startled windfarm representatives at last week’s meeting of Betws community council.

Rob Fellows and Noel Gallagher, of Celtic Energy Renewables, had attended the meeting to inform members the multi-million pound project was on the verge of completion.

But they instead found themselves subjected to a lengthy interrogation from Cllr Price who demanded to know who had introduced “elements of matchfunding” into the £2.8 million community trust fund.

“Forget this matchfunding, what Betws deserves is an entente cordiale whereby we get £200,000 after all ourselves – and the village of Cwmgors – have had to put up with,” she said.

“Betws has a football club, a rugby club and two parks which would certainly benefit from such a generous gesture on the part of the windfarm.”

She made her comments after expressing concern that sunlight reflecting off a turbine near the Scotch Pine pub could dazzle passing motorists.

“If that’s what the winter sun can do, then in summer w e ’ r e going to have real p r o b - lems,” she forecast.

When Mr Gallagher replied that he could not possibly comment, Cllr Price snapped: “I don’t want your comments, I want facts.”

Mr Fellows replied: “With the greatest respect these are not facts – we cannot possibly hypothesise about what’s going to happen in the summer.”

Mr Gallagher promised to look into the matter.