A Tycroes author has written a book exploring one of the most intriguing periods of Welsh history.

Nathen Amin’s Tudor Wales: A Guide leads readers through many of the locations associated with one of the British Isle’s most infamous dynasties.

“The Tudors are one of history's most infamous families and the era over which they reigned is without rival in the way it captures the public's interest,” said Nathen.

“’Tudor England’ has become a well-known phrase, but what is often forgotten is that the Tudors, while coming to encompass all that is considered great about England, were a Welsh dynasty with their roots firmly entrenched in the hills across Offa's Dyke.”

Tudor Wales: A Guide explores 40 of gems – some hidden and some well-known – which played an integral role in the rise of the family who, buy the days of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, were the most powerful on the planet.

“From Harlech Castle in the north to Pembroke Castle in the west, and from the holy Bishop's Palace at Lamphey to the sacred cathedral at St David's and from Dale, Carew and Penmynydd to Raglan, Conwy and Denbigh, every part of Wales has Tudor links, both to the royal Tudors and their more obscure Welsh ancestors,” said Nathen.

Tudor Wales: A Guide, published by Amberley Publishing, is available now.