Llanddeusant Youth Hostel is 75 years-old this year and is hosting a weekend of scientific discovery and an array of themed activities to celebrate national YHA day.

The event will begin at 7pm, on Saturday, September 6, with an evening of star gazing.

Telescopes for the astronomy night have been supplied by the Institute of Physics and Astro Cymru, as part of the outreach program, from the University of South Wales.

So what will visitors to Llanddeusant expect to see?

Guided by organiser Paul Smith and his team, visitors will actually see for themselves a variety of interesting and beautiful celestial objects.

This first-hand experience of the cosmos takes place out under the stars, so that visitors are in immediate personal contact with the sky, staring at every glittering star that is on offer.

During the evening star-gazers will be encouraged to use the equipment provided and take pictures of the universe which they will be able to print off and take home.

Organiser Paul Smith said: “As a physics teacher I thought it would be an innovative way of introducing science to the community and visitors to the YHS centre.

“We really do have an exciting night planned, amateur astronomers and others with some previous experience are equally welcome and should also find this evening extremely rewarding.

“Of course, as with any other such outdoor activity, these events are therefore subject entirely both to the elements and to the regular cycles of the natural world, but I don’t want a simple thing like the weather to people off attending.

In addition, the cosmic experience does not stop there, on Sunday, visitors are also welcome to an open day, activities include, rocket making, killing the zombie chickens with water rockets.

There will be a meteor show (with real meteorites), storytellers, local food, real coffee, plants for sale, raffle, bikes for hire and other activities to keep you entertained.

YHA is a charity and money raised goes towards Breaks for Kids a charity supporting under privileged children.

If you would like to attend the event then contact Paul Smith for further information on: 07576431960 or paulrobertsmith@yahoo.com.