I was deeply upset about that Sikh father who died in a container lorry trying to smuggle himself into the UK,

Police have arrested a man in connection with it, but I would suggest there are plenty of other people waiting to be fitted with the handcuffs: several hundred in the Palace of Westminster, and their quislings at the so-called Border Agency. For we have no borders; just a coast.

Does anyone believe that people from Hendy shouldn’t move to Pontarddulais; or vice-versa; or from Upper to Lower Brynamman.

Perhaps I am biased.

Great-grandad Harragan came over from Dublin. I came to Wales from Essex many years ago, and always felt welcome, even by activist nationalists who I introduced to the folk group Boys of the Lough, who thereon insisted I should not be embarrassed by any anti-English talk they made, because I was Welsh, really.

If I found a family living in a tent in Calais in squalor I’d unashamedly try and persuade a boat owner from Burry Port to go and get them.

It is no different from those Llanelli men who paid for a Polish chap, messed about by people traffickers, to get home.

I see no reason why we should show more concern for people who choose to live in France, or Spain.

My cousin ran a café on the Costa del Sol for years, and is now living back in Folkestone. We have plenty of room for her - why no one else?