Llanelli and District Bowls

Parc Howard 80 Cwmaman 78.75

The fact Cwm only lost by a shot-and-a-quarter was all the more frustrating as they found themselves two players short and were forced to play half of the rinks as threes.

The lack of players ensured they suffered the required deductions and saw what should have been a victory turned into agonising defeat.

Cwmaman at least did have the consolation of four league points for their efforts, courtesy of a three-shot win for skip John Sam Jones’ four on Rink Two, and an excellent nine-shot victory for Alan Thomas’ depleted Rink Five.

Rink scores:

Rink One: G Peake 22; Norman Raeburn, Simon Hawker, Peter Lees, Byron Davies (skip) 18.

Rink Two: J Richards 18; Alec Leslie, Tony Bray, Tom Jones, John S Jones (skip) 21.

Rink Four: S Davies 24; John Milbourne, Alun Morris, James Davies (skip) 14.25.

Rink Five: K Williams 16; Lynne Bray, Gareth Williams, Alan Thomas (skip) 25.50.

Parc Howard 10pts Cwmaman 4pts.

Cwmaman are set to host Wheatsheaf on Saturday.

The club remains on the lookout for new players, for this and future seasons.

If you are interested in playing for the club, come along to Cwmaman Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm.