Llandeilo squash club is to host an open demonstration evening to illustrate the excitement of the UK’s fastest growing sport.

Racketball is played on any regular squash court and is similar to squash – with some rather interesting difference.

Racketball is played with a larger ball and a short racket. Due to its different construction, the ball does not require “warming up” before a match – unlike squash.

The fact that the ball is bigger, more bouncy and does not need warming up means that the rallies last longer, as the ball moves more slowly through the air, giving the players more time to react.

The shorter racket also helps with hand-to-eye coordination making the ball easier to strike.

Overall this makes the game much easier to pick up than many other sports like squash or tennis and l is said to be "easy to learn yet difficult to master" – one of the key factors in the sport’s recent growth.

Racketball is ideal for youngster and adults of all ages and abilities.

The demonstration evening – hosted by Hugh Griffiths of Welsh Squash – is scheduled to take place at Llandeilo Squash Courts between 5.30pm and 7.30 pm on Friday, March 14.

Entry is free. Those interested should bring non-marking shoes.