CARE & Repair Carmarthenshire is working with npower’s Health Through Warmth scheme to help residents whose health is made worse by cold living conditions. The aim is to improve warmth, comfort and quality of life for vulnerable people.

Living in a home without adequate heating can increase the risk of worsening health at any time of year, especially when people have illnesses.

Working with Care & Repair Carmarthenshire, will help bring the benefits of Health Through Warmth to more residents in the area.

Health Through Warmth works with Care & Repair Cymru, the governing body for Wales Care & Repair agencies, to enable case workers to apply for funding from the npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund for clients who meet the criteria and need heating and insulation but can’t afford to fully fund the work themselves.

Illnesses that can be adversely affected by cold include respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, terminal illness, mental health problems and mobility difficulties.

To contact your local Care & Repair Agency call 0300 111 3333.